Daily NFT: YouTube Considering Offering NFTs

Jan 26, 2022 10:14 AM

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YouTube Considering Offering NFTs to Allow Creators to ‘Capitalize’ on Work

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said she wants content creators to be able to benefit from new technologies.

YouTube is considering offering non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as a way “to help creators capitalize on emerging technologies including things like NFTs," CEO Susan Wojcicki wrote in an open letter about the video streaming platform's 2022 priorities. Wojcicki said her team is looking ahead to the future and has been following everything happening in Web 3 “as a source of inspiration to continue innovating on YouTube.

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NFT Marketplace OpenSea Launches New Listing Manager After Discount Bug

Yesterday, three attackers bought $1 million worth of NFTs for a fraction of their market value.

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) marketplace OpenSea launched a new listing manager, among other measures, to mitigate a user interface flaw that saw over $1 million worth of NFTs sold at prices far below their market value.

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OpenSea is Reimbursing Users After Loophole Led to Steep NFT Losses

An OpenSea spokesperson told Blockworks the company has been “actively reaching and reimbursing affected users”.

OpenSea is reimbursing users who had their non-fungible tokens snatched up and resold for far below market value on Monday. An OpenSea spokesperson told Blockworks in a statement that the company has been “actively reaching and reimbursing affected users,” and is taking the matter “incredibly seriously.” The spokesperson did not immediately specify exactly how much users have been reimbursed.

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Decentralised Metaverse Socialfi Platform Boom Enables NFT Display in Its App Wallet

Web 3.0 concept can be very crucial towards social platforms as it enhances the authenticity of certain NFT assets or tokens that Crypto or NFT Influencer has, which lead to an introduction of a decentralised social platform, “Boom“.

Boom, a decentralised crypto community social platform just announced that users and NFT creators are allowed to display their NFT in Boom’s app wallet and platform. While most NFT mobile wallets allow users to display NFT, there aren’t any social platforms that allow users to display NFT on social platforms while testing the authenticity of the NFT for the public to see. Therefore, this is an important update towards NFT creators and Web 3.0 development.

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Chinese crypto influencer makes over $5 million in 10 days selling her photos as NFTs

A Chinese influencer’s non-fungible token (NFT) project has reached a trading volume of 2,300 ether (around $5.5 million) less than two weeks after its launch.

Singapore-based Yuqing Irene Zhao, 28, created the IreneDAO collection based on a sticker pack she made for her Telegram community, reported Cointelegraph. The IreneDAO collection, which was launched on NFT marketplace OpenSea on Jan. 14, features 1,106 NFT images of the crypto influencer in different poses with crypto slang such as “gm,” “wen Binance” and “yes ser.” The collection’s slogan is “SIMP: Simplicity, Integrity, Meaning, and Purpose.”

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